coLAB is a co-working space, innovation lab and start-up pre-incubator. Members include include designers, developers, consultants and social entrepreneurs. We support creativity and innovation!

We are Phnom Penh's original and best coworking space. Located at the heart of Phnom Penh's energetic Russian Market neighbourhood (Toul Tom Poung)!

What's this all about?

Coworking is a pretty recent development in the world of work and involves freelancers, consulants, small business owners and other self-employed people coming together to work from a shared space.

If you work from home (and could use a change) or from a café (and are sick of buying coffees) then coworking (and coLAB) is for you.


Lots! Including...

  • A creative working environment
  • Comfy chairs
  • Air conditioning
  • FAST internet
  • A great community!
  • ... and more!

19th Dec 2014 First DevOps Cambodia Meetup

Posted on: December 17th, 2014 by Leap Sok No Comments

Come to the DevOps Cambodia Meetup on 19th December 2014 from 6:00PM-8:00PM to learn more about and share information on the DevOps movement – culture, practices and tools. This is a group for professionals (and hackers), managers, and engineers – from developer or operations backgrounds.



We try to meet every one-two month(s) to discuss all things DevOps. Each meeting will include a speaker on any DevOps related topic, a Q&A session followed by drinks. We speak Khmer and English.

What is DevOps?
DevOps is a movement with wide impact in operations and the relationship between operations and software development.

- Improved communication and collaboration between software development and operations
- Joint responsibility for delivery of new features and stability of production systems
- Application of methodologies and techniques from software development
- New infrastructure technologies esp. automation and monitoring

Who is DevOps Cambodia Speaker?

Speaker Bio: Christian Trabold works for several companies as a Consultant, e.g. for ThoughtWorks, helping customers implement Continuous Delivery. At the moment I am travelling in South East Asia helping to spread the word over Continuous Delivery.

Schedule:  Friday 19th December 2014
Time                                  Topic
6:00PM-6:15PM               Start and enjoy a drink with others
6:15PM-7:00PM               Continuous Delivery by Christian Trabold
7:00PM-7:30PM               Fishbowl All Participants
7:30PM-8:00PM               Beer time All Participants (Of course they can stay longer :) )

1. Christian Trabold
2. Leap Sok

Follow up us on Twitter @devops_kh and Facebook Group: DevOps Cambodia.




Oculus Rift enters CoLab!

Posted on: December 17th, 2014 by Darren No Comments

Quick post to let you all know that we have an Oculus Rift to play with (thank you to for lending it to us by the way!)




CONNECT@CoLab Pop-Up Bar

Posted on: December 10th, 2014 by Samda No Comments
Come to connect with Designers, Developers and Professional at coLAB networking meet-up and pop up bar over few drinks.

Update! We have an Oculus Rift to play with here at the event! Oculus Rift Enters CoLab

For this event we are combining it with the “Phnom Penh Tweetup” (hashtag #PPtweetup) which should be interesting to watch how that develops! (Phnom Penh Tweetup)

Additionally, as always, we have a bunch of interesting attendees including:

  • Light-Ops-Studio – Augmented Reality Experts who will be setting up a cool interactive installation at CoLab (usually the do this kind of thing in local nightclubs!)
  • Black Tangent – Software Development Consultants
  • VRecommend – Local business recommendation engine.
  • Firefox / Mozilla - South East Asia representative
  • (local software training startup)
  • Bong Loy (local online payment startup)
  • Chibi Text (local SMS startup)
  • (local online retail startup)
  • (local game company)
  • …and many more…